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2 new production cells are up and running..

Within only 6 months - and another 2 are already in pipeline…


The world is constantly moving! Especially quality, price and delivery reliability are on the agenda for all the leading international production companies. All together it is exactly these key areas which are putting Heco in a winner position in the global market place.


Heco has a strong vision to keep this position for the future. This will be done by continuous development and investments.


Latest Heco has applied 2 new robot controlled production cells in their plant in Denmark – and the next 2 are in pipeline.


These 2 new cells have increased the capacity and they have removed a lot of heavy work for the employees of Heco. Both cells have now being running successfully for last 6 months.


The first cell was inaugurated on August 26th 2010 by the local Mayor of Hedensted, Kirsten Therkelsen. This was a special day where all employees and their relatives were invited. Totally 300 people showed up and Heco served Danish food specialties for everybody.


The second cell was inaugurated on February 11th 2011 and this time the core was cut by Johannes Grane Larsen, Business Manager, Hedensted Municipality.

HECO presents two new robots to take over some of the repetitive work at the company.


Mayor Kirsten Therkelsen starts up the robots for the first time.