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Heco International A/S

Operating worldwide is nothing new for HECO. We have been delivering piston rod stuffing boxes for new engines and spare parts for engines over the globe since our beginning.

We demonstrated our commitment to our global engagement with the introduction of the company name HECO International A/S in 1988.

We are the preferred and most reliable supplier of high quality piston rod stuffing boxes and spare parts to engine builders and designers world wide.


The company has ever since strengthened its position as an important partner in the new-building market for two-stroke diesel engines.

In HECO International A/S, we combine the best of two worlds to deliver a product of the highest quality at competitive prices: all scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings for piston rod stuffing boxes are produced in Denmark on advanced computer and robot-operated systems, while housings and flanges are produced at our modern Chinese factory in Suzhou, close to the world’s largest engine builders.

Sales of HECO spare parts to engine designers* Sale of complete HECO stuffing boxes to engine builders/licensees in Europe in connection with new buildings. 


Sales of complete HECO stuffing boxes to engine builders/licensees in China in connection with new buildings.  


* Worldwide sales of HECO spare parts to end-users and engine manufacturers are handled by the engine designers.

Scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings are produced in Denmark.

Housings and flanges are produced in China.